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  July 29-August 2
Spanish Language Immersion Camp Available for All Elementary & JH students Limited to 16 campers
Isabel Bustillos & Nathalie Hites
 Imagínate despertar en las montañas, abrir la puerta de tu tienda de campaña y ver un maravilloso amanecer. Días llenos de caminatas, naturaleza y tiempo para salir y explorar con amigos. Imagínate descubriendo lugares ocultos y nadando o vadeando en lagos de montaña. Si estas cosas te interesan y llaman tu atención, entonces querrás unirte a Isabel Bustillos y Nathalie Hites para una experiencia increíble en la ¡Sierra Nevada! Los estudiantes saldrán el lunes por la mañana y regresarán el viernes por la tarde.
Just imagine waking up to a beautiful sunrise in the mountains, visible from the door of your tent. Days filled with hiking, natural beauty, and time to hang out and explore with friends. Imagine discovering hidden places and swimming or wading in mountain lakes. If these things appeal to you, then you will want to join Isabel Bustillos and Nathalie Hites for an amazing experience in the Sierra Nevadas! Students will be leaving Monday morning and returning Friday in the late afternoon.
CREACIONES EN CHOCOLATES Spanish Language Immersion Camp Available for All Elementary & JH students Limited to 8 campers
Instructor: Ruth Castañeda
En este campamento practicarás español mientras aprendes técnicas para trabajar con chocolate. Cada día aprenderás una técnica diferente y elaborarás trufas, chocolates rellenos y chocolates en molde y frutas cubiertas. Cada participante hará sus propios chocolates y al final podrán llevar sus creaciones a casa. Campers will develop their Spanish speaking skills while learning how to work with chocolate. Through simple recipes, they will learn different techniques for making truffles, molding chocolate and covering fruit in chocolate. The best part is that they will be able to take home their creations.
Available for All Elementary & JH students Limited to 7 campers
Instructor: Kati Gyulassy
Students will be outside, "en plein air," painting just as the French impressionists like Monet, Pissarro, and Sisley did. We will be learning how to use oil pastels and watercolor to capture the landscape around us. Students will apply their knowledge of composition, color theory, value contrasts, focal point, rhythm, and design to create compelling and dynamic landscapes that not only record what they see, but also express how the setting makes them feel. We will take special care to notice how light interacts with each surface, and how that translates to colors in our color palette.
Available for All Elementary & JH students Limited to 8 campers
Instructor: Salvador Ramos
Have you ever longed to be on center stage? Come join us as we explore theater styles from around the world, from as early as the ancient Romans to the performing arts of America. We will read plays, examine different forms of theater and perform works from around the world.
Programs for children entering first grade through eighth grade

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