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  July 15-19
DISEÑO ARQUITECTÓNICO Spanish Language Immersion Camp Available for All Elementary & JH students Limited to 10 students
Instructor: Ramiro Ruiz
 En este campamento nos divertiremos realizando diseños arquitectónicos en planos, para luego llevarlos a la realidad estructural mediante la utilización de palitos de paleta. Bienvenidos para que aprendamos mucho en la aplicación de la geometría.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to construct a house or building? In this camp we will design an architectural plan and bring it to life using wooden pallet sticks. It will be fun to see real life applications of geometry and other mathematical concepts.
GEOMETRÍA AL DERECHO Y AL REVES Spanish Language Immersion Camp
Available for Upper Elementary & JH students
Limited to 10 students
Instructor: Mary Juarez
Estudiantes explorarán los conceptos de geometría en arte y la naturaleza usando sus manos. Usaremos fotografía, mándalas y comida para encontrar geometría en la naturaleza. En clase, estudiantes crearán maravillosas obras que demuestran algunos de los conceptos que se presentan en nuestras lecciones. También usaremos comida para explorar la geometría que es parte de nuestra vida diaria. Luego los estudiantes saldrán para ver los múltiples ejemplos de geometría en la naturaleza, cuando miramos con intención. Estudiantes tendrán amplias posibilidades para practicar los conceptos asociados con líneas, ángulos y círculos, para apoyar los lecciones presentadas en clase.
Students will work with their hands as we explore geometry concepts in art and nature. We will use photography, mandalas, and food to find geometry in nature. Inside the classroom, students will create beautiful works that demonstrate some of the concepts that are presented in our lessons. We will also use food as we explore how geometry is a part of our daily life. Students will then take the lessons outside as we expand to larger works and see hownatureoffersmanyfascinatingexamplesofgeometrywhenwelookwithintention. Studentswillhaveample practice with concepts of lines, angles and circles, as we work to support the lessons presented in the classroom.
Instructor: Andrea Guerra Camp participants will explore relief printmaking techniques from sketch to print, creating their own set of beautiful
Available for All Elementary & JH students Limited to 8 campers
prints with collographic (collaged from varying materials) and styrofoam plates.
Available for All Elementary & JH students Limited to 10 campers
Instructor: Salvador Ramos
Come and learn to play soccer! This camp offers an introduction to the fundamental skills and strategies of soccer. Campers will learn the basic techniques necessary for a player or a team to enjoy the game: passing, dribbling, and kicking the ball. Campers will also learn sportsmanship and how to achieve effective communication with teammates. They will also explore basic team strategies. Let’s have fun playing soccer! Please dress appropriately for vigorous exercise. Athletic shoes, shorts and T-shirts are required. No jeans or clothing that restricts movement. Also, no flip-flops or sandals, please! Remember to bring a water bottle, sunscreen and a hat.
Programs for children entering first grade through eighth grade

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