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  August 12-16
FABRICATION DE MASQUES French Language Immersion Camp Available for All Elementary & JH students Limited to 10 campers
Instructor: Eliza Bonneaud
 Faisons venir le carnaval de Venise à nous cet été! Nous fabriquerons des masques en papier mâché basés sur des personnages de la Comedia dell'arte comme Polichinelle et Arlequin. Nous utiliserons de la colle faite maison et du papier recyclé pour faire les masques, puis nous les peindrons et vernirons.
Let's bring the Carnival of Venice to us this summer! We will make papier-mâché masks based on Comedia dell'Arte characters such as Arlecchino and Pulcinella. We will make our own glue* and use recycled paper to make the masks which we will then paint and coat for durability.
*We will be using products containing gluten.
Available for All Elementary & JH students Limited to 10 campers
Instructor: Kati Gyulassy
Students will learn the "star" players of our bay area summer night sky; by the end of camp we will be able to identify constellations, notable stars, and exciting Messier objects. Some of the fascinating things to learn include star formation and death, which moons and exoplanets could harbor life, and how to navigate using our knowledge of the stars. We will explore incredible imagery from telescopes around the world so that when we finally visit Chabot Space and Science center for our grand finale of a star viewing party (weather permitting) what we will see in the eyepiece will come alive with the colorful images we have studied.
Available for Upper Elementary & JH students Limited to 8 students
Instructor: Isabel Bustillos
Un espacio creativo es un área dedicada a diseñar y crear productos con materiales que facilitan la creación. En este espacio se enseña a los niños: la confianza y las habilidades necesarias para ejecutar su visión creativa. En este campamento enseñaremos a los estudiantes el proceso de pensamiento de diseño: empatizar, idear, prototipar y probar. Los estudiantes crearán un producto que ayude a la humanidad de una manera positiva. Usarán diferentes materiales y herramientas para llevar su visión a un producto. Los maestros apoyarán a los estudiantes para que tengan una visión general de sus proyectos. Los estudiantes tendrán la libertad de diseñar y crear lo que ellos quieran y les apasione.
A maker space is just a space that facilitates creativity. A maker space teaches kids the confidence and the competence necessary to execute their creative vision. In this camp we will teach students the design thinking process: empathize, ideate, prototype and test. Students will create a product that helps humanity in a positive way. They will use different materials and tools to bring their vision into a product. Teachers will support student to have an overarching vision for their projects. Students will have the freedom to create whatever they want based on their vision
Available for All Elementary & JH students Limited to 10 campers
Instructor: Alison Whismore
Inthisone-weekcamp,wewillexplorestory-tellingasplaywrights. Camperswilljourneyfromreadinga couple of plays already written by other kids to using drama games to learn how to devise and write their own stories: protagonist, antagonist, conflict, climax and resolution. Kids will get a chance to explore characterization and physicalization and how to develop a character. They will have the opportunity to collaborate, share ideas and explore scene work to help each other towards that goal.
Programs for children entering first grade through eighth grade

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