Daniella Urban was born and raised in Hungary. She’s been singing since she was born and learned music (szolfézs) with the Kodály method in the National Music School of Hungary, then she went to a special high school for musicians, studying vocals, conducting and harmonics at an advanced level. She plays the violin and the piano. She founded and directs the first Hungarian chamber chorus in the Bay Area: Corvinus (2015). She also sings tenor with the Oakland Symphony. She started at TRIS in January of 2016. Urban received her bachelor’s in Transportation Engineering, and she had worked for the US Military as a contractor for many years (served in two wars: Balkan & Iraq). She runs her own business as an Autoimmune Lifestyle Coach, helping chronically ill people to heal naturally and live a healthy, happy and full life. She is also a personal trainer, as she used to fight MMA (Muay Thai is her specialty). When she has extra time, she hikes with her vizsla, or knits, scrapbooks, reads, cooks, or swims. 

Laney McClain Armstrong is a lifelong singer and Oakland native. She is a music educator and musician who has worked with children’s choirs throughout her career. Laney has a BA from Harvard University in Afro-American Studies, and degrees in Choral Conducting from the University of Oregon and the University of Washington. In the past, she has taught middle and high school, and worked at the Cantabile Youth Singers of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Girls Chorus. In her spare time, she wrangles her two daughters, reads, cooks, and runs (slowly). She began working at TRIS in 2017.

Mark Growden is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, music educator, visual artist, and the founder/artistic director of The Calling All Choir and The Chromatic Community Music Center in San Francisco. He is mentored by Vance George; is an Alice Parker Composers Workshop Fellow; and also studied with Michael Kaulkin, Joseph Stillwell, and Remy Charlip. He received his Orff Schullwerck Certificate from Mills College and regularly participates in the summer Kodály trainings at Holy Names University. Mark has many years of experience working with young children, adolescents and adults in many different musical settings. He joined TRIS in 2017.

Gemma Arguelles celebrates over thirty years of service as music educator and choir director in Bay Area institutions and in the Philippines. She earned her Master’s degree in Music Education with Kodály Emphasis from Holy Names University and Bachelor’s degrees in Music Education and Choral Conducting from the University of the Philippines. Recognized for her long career of excellence in teaching and service to music education, she was honored with the prestigious 2017 Organization of American Kodály Educators Outstanding Educator award. She has been with TRIS since 2017.