spain flagThe study of a second or more languages is an essential element in helping students to develop an international perspective. The Renaissance International School has a tri-language immersion program taught by native speakers. Our students become fluent in reading, writing and speaking in English, French and Spanish. We believe that we are the only genuine tri-language immersion Montessori program in the nation.

Language Immersion: Primary Level

Students are placed in either a Spanish/English or a French/English class in the Primary level. They are in an environment where at least one of their three classroom teachers speaks to the children in the second language at all times. 

Lessons are given in both English and the second language. Students have an opportunity to acquire new vocabulary during lessons and in the context of conversations. Words that are new today are familiar tomorrow, building on the child’s confidence to understand and express himself in the second language. Because teachers are native speakers, children acquire excellent accents and language patterns. The written form of the language is introduced based on the readiness of each child.

Language Immersion: Elementary Level

france flag At the Elementary level, our goal is for each student to continue developing conversational skills, to learn to read and write in the language and to continue deepening his appreciation for other cultures. English, French and Spanish-speaking teachers are present in the classrooms. 

There is an atmosphere of multilingualism and multiculturalism at The Renaissance International School.  Our students enjoy learning multiple languages, and this is accompanied by a yearning to continue their study of history and cultural geography, promoting an international understanding and a sense of world citizenship.