Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.
-Maria Montessori

Montessori Art Program Builds Creativity and Imagination

Our Montessori program includes a strong visual arts program, which offers students numerous benefits. These include improvements in areas such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, self-direction, and of course, imagination.

Art Program Begins in Pre-Primary

Our students, from the youngest in Pre-Primary to the oldest in our middle school, all spend time in our visual arts program and the results show a tremendous amount of imagination and personal growth.

At the Pre-Primary level students become familiar with the art studio, exploring some basic media and techniques. Some of what they experience are: painting on an easel, drawing with colored pencils, creating objects with clay, and pasting precut shapes of colored paper on cardstock.

Here’s an example of one of our three-year-old student’s work with clay:

art pre primary montessori

As students grow older, they are able to concentrate more, and the art lesson becomes more detailed with the student making a plan, choosing materials and techniques, and working from start to finish. Here is an acrylic on canvas from one of our 10-year-old students:

elementary art montessori


Students Increase Artistic Skills
The art studio experience for students in the Elementary Level involves lesson work, independent projects, and art history. They learn about the art of various cultures and the work of artists throughout history. They take field trips to museums, art exhibits, and artist studios.

Skills that students develop include hand-eye coordination and control over materials. Students are able to work independently, exploring their creative ideas and allowing them to incorporate the skills they’ve learned.

As students build their understanding of visual design they make significant progress. Our teachers are non-judgmental and create a space where children feel free to express their creativity and develop new skills.

Annual Student Art Show

Our students’ work is showcased at an annual student art show held in June in a gallery setting. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for art show details and other school information.