Elementary students on our Piedmont campus worked together to write a classroom agreement. They based it on the core value of the school: respect, respect of others, of oneself, and of the environment. The dictionary proved very helpful in writing the agreement and there was a lot of great discussion. Here are the values and virtues they chose;

Tolerance, teamwork, thankfulness, try, truth, trust

Respect, responsibility, reaction, rules

Intelligence, individual, improving, independence

Self-motivation, safety, self-control, self-independence

Elementary Montessori

The classroom agreement was also a group effort. Here is what the students wrote:

  1. We keep our school clean and organized.
  2. We use good manners and good attitude.
  3. We respect others' work time.
  4. We give others the space to do their work.
  5. We take care of our plants and animals.
  6. We keep ourselves calm and focused on our work.
  7. We respect others’ belongings.
  8. We respect others’ opinions.
  9. We use a nice tone of voice.
  10. We talk respectfully to each other.
  11. We listen and pay attention to each other.
  12. We keep our inside voice.
  13. We walk in the classroom.
  14. We cultivate good hygiene habits.
  15. We use water wisely.
  16. We are responsible for our actions.

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