When the sad events related to the earthquake in Nepal were presented to our Montessori middle school and elementary level students, they asked how they could help. The students wanted to contribute in a direct way by involving themselves in the fundraising process. They all agreed that help needs to occur as soon as possible and here are some of the ideas they came up with:

Read-a-thon- Donations would be based on the number of pages/chapters read. The students decided to look for supporters amongst their families, and neighbors.

Bake Sale: Students volunteered to bake pies, cakes, and cookies. The first bake sale was held on May 12 and was very successful. The  entire event was coordinated by the middle school students. They coordinated with the retail location, Oaklandish, to hold the sale outside the store, they recruited volunteers to bake (providing them with recipes), and work at the booth (under adult supervision).

Nepal fundraiser Montessori Oakland

In addition, students researched which organizations they would donate to with the goal of finding groups in which the funds would go directly to victims.

On Tuesday, May 19, students will hold a second bake sale fundraiser for earthquake victims. It will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Oaklandish location on Fruitvale in Oakland. We hope you will stop by to lend your support.