Last weekend's Earth Day festivities at The Renaissance International School (TRIS) included planting native and drought-tolerant plants around the school grounds. The TRIS community dug, mulched, released ladybugs and set up a caterpillar/butterfly nursery! As they worked parents and teachers provided children with information about the plants.

The Renaissance School Earth Day

Earth Day Parents Students

Earth Day awareness was also present in our classes. Our middle school students presented information to students in lower levels (from preschoolers up to elementary age students) about the current drought in California, and provided recommendations on how to conserve water. These included:taking short showers instead of a bath; turning of the tap when brushing teeth and washing hands; eating leftovers; choosing foods that don't require a lot of water to produce; and turning off lights when not using them.

Middle school earth day presentation

The middle school students also encouraged everyone to continue to drink water, explaining that there is still enough for drinking, and we all need water to stay healthy.

Our Lower Elementary I class had this to say about the presentation from the middle school students:

"Do you know how many gallons of water it takes to produce one almond? Or how many gallons it takes to make a pair of jeans? In observance of Earth day, the Junior High students came to speak about how much water we consume, and ways we can reduce our water intake. This is especially relevant to us, as California is experiencing a drought."

Earth Day Lower Elementary