Middle School students at The Renaissance International School (TRIS) recently got first-hand experience with personal finance and economic exchange as part of their microeconomy program. This program allows students to find different ways to earn money - whether by selling products they have created, (or eventually maybe vegetables from their garden!, or by providing services. This money is then used to help them take care of their own needs and to meet their responsibilities - just like in real life!

The students' latest project for microeconomy was a Parents' Night Out! Families at TRIS were invited to sign up for a night of babysitting (the middle schoolers were under adult supervision) l for their children four years old or older. All in all, the 18 students who came had a wonderful time!

Middle school parents night out

They enjoyed a nutritious dinner prepared by our middle school students, and then a variety of activities.

Middle schoolers prepare dinner

At one point, one of the older students commented on how much fun it was to entertain the younger ones! At 8:30pm, the younger students were tucked in bed and soothed to sleep while the older ones enjoyed more games.

It was wonderful to observe our students gaining confidence throughout the evening. Although some of them had been a little wary of the event, they are all now eager to plan the next one!


The Renaissance International School is located in Oakland's Dimond District and is for boys and girls age two through middle school. The middle school program is for students ages 12 to 15 years old. Our middle school students develop responsibility, engage in community service, and are involved in decision making and problem solving. Applications are still being accepted for The Renaissance International School's middle school program. Check out our Tour Calendar or contact us for a tour by appointment.