In the art studio, our elementary and middle school students are continuing with ceramics projects. They are continuing with technical lessons and the application of glazes for ceramic fish tiles and lidded boxes. Students were asked to use at least 3 colors and layer them according to their knowledge of color theory.



In addition to ceramics, students are also learning about linear/geometric perspective drawing. They were presented with the underlying principles of one-point perspective and the fascinatingly simple rules that help to organize 3 dimensional space and make it seem magically real. We used rulers, pencils and erasers, and drew cities and room interiors. Our vocabulary list included the words: appear, converge, horizon, horizontal, vertical, parallel, diagonal, vanishing point, and plane. Some students were able to add value by using strokes that followed the correct directional planar analysis (vertical vs horizontal vs diagonal).

perspective interior


Gabe perspective

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