Recently many of our primary students discovered the joy of creating three-dimensional artworks. Cardboard cones, styrofoam balls and bits of wood in various shapes and sizes have been used by our young artists to make dolls, birds, airplanes, rocket ships, a dragon, a car, a house and a trumpet!
It was wonderful to see the students working with volume and texture as well as color. Beautiful handmade papers, yarn, feathers, sequins and beads were also used to complete images.
Students practiced working with two different kinds of glue: Elmer’s Glue All and Aleene’s Tacky Glue. There were two different tools to use: bristle brushes for Elmer’s glue and plastic spatulas for Tacky glue.
Every student working on a three-dimensional project had to choose and measure the paper, cut and use tape, various papers and yarns, and make decisions about colors and patterns as well as the size of the parts and their placement.



Another new work introduced recently was making a collage with wooden shapes on a masonite or a canvas board. Students were using various wooden shapes and craft sticks to create images of people, cars, trees, birds etc. or their original decorative designs. They were using Aleen’s tacky glue and plastic spatulas to attach wooden pieces to the board.
As always, there is a wide range of art materials available to students at the art studio. Children are drawing, painting, building little objects with clay, working on their weaving and needlepoint, making paper collage, and much more. 

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