The Renaissance International School's upper elementary and middle school students traveled to Zhengzhou, China in November. The journey was long and everyone was happy to arrive at our lovely hotel where we all enjoyed a good night's rest.

After sleeping in and enjoying our very comfortable rooms, we were amazed by the brunch buffet. It offered an eclectic meal that we feasted on. The food ranged from more traditional Chinese menu options of noodles,buns, and stir fried snails, crayfish, dragon fruit, sushi, and the very appreciated chocolate fountain.



After lunch we completed our official registration and received our official delegate packages. The students were very impressed by the delegate cards with their names and country flags printed on them.

We took a short stroll outside to a nearby botanical garden and stretched our legs. The garden was very tranquil and beautiful.

We ate an early dinner and got dressed in our formal wear for the Opening Ceremony at the conference center. The ceremony was led by the executive director of the MMUN, Judith Cunningham. We heard from local Zhengzhou elected officials, a former NFL football player, and an ambassador from Sri Lanka.


It was an exciting day, and we were looking forward to the next day of committee debates.