Travel is an integral part of our Montessori education program. The Renaissance International school's head of school, Leslie Hites and facutly members are traveling with 38 of our wonderful students in France.

During the first week of our trip, we performed a music concert with students in Trappes-En-Yvelines, located an hour out of Paris. The concert director and the music school staff there warmly welcomed us. Their program, like ours, is based on the Kodály method. We rehearsed together and there was an immediate harmony between our groups. After the rehearsal, our music program director, Jutka Kádas continued rehearsing with our choristers and the accompanist whom we had just met. All went very well.

TrappesConcert Kodaly_Montessori music program

The performance was well received. We also had an opportunity to hear a young pianist play for the group. After the performance, our host choristers gave our students small gifts as a thank you for visiting and in exchange our students gave them key chains from San Francisco. We were then treated to a small reception with the chorus families.

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