The Renaissance School (TRS) is the only genuine three-language immersion Montessori school in the nation. Students ranging in age from two-years-old through Pre-K enter our pre-primary/primary program and are instructed in English and Spanish or English and French. When they enter the Elementary level, a third language is added bringing to bear a tri-lingual immersion program.

This year, there is a new element in how some of our students are learning foreign languages. We are taking advantage of technology with our language immersion program. One of our instructors, Nathalie Colin, is teaching our Upper Elementary/Adolescent students in French from France. 

Colin has set up a video “classroom” in order to be able to instruct her TRS students from a location in France. In many ways having Nathalie teach via video from so far away is not too different from having her in the classroom. Students can still see and hear her and in return she is able to see the students and respond to their questions and comments.

Despite the distance, students can still see and hear her and in return she is able to view the students and interact with them, responding to their questions and comments.

 The program is also enhanced by our new teacher/assistant Wilson Goss who speaks to the students 100% in French and is able to support Nathalie in whatever way is needed.

Wilson is a graduate of Tulane University where he completed a double major in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and French. He also completed a Master of Arts in French Literature and Francophone Studies at Tulane. After completing his studies, Wilson worked in a 4th grade French full immersion program where he spoke and taught the students in French only. We are delighted to have Wilson here at TRS.

Language immersion is a key component of our school. Find out more about our philosophy on learning foreign languages.