Take a tour of The Renaissance International School and you will see a beautiful mural on the outside of our music studio building.

The mural was created this past summer at our Mural Camp. It was created in three weeks by 25 children, two teachers and two assistants who worked together to create it.

The wall that the mural is painted on is 18 feet long and 10 feet high. The process to create the mural involved prepping and priming the surface.

Preparing the Surface

The group also researched other murals for ideas, agreed on a plan, made drawings and sketches, mixed paint, and applied paint using many techniques. All of this was done in the heat of summer, while surrounded by campers playing volleyball, basketball, and working on carpentry projects.

Mina painting

The subject of the mural is California’s threatened and endangered species. The group found 20 animals and one tree that both the Federal Government and the State of California agree is either threatened or endangered. The names of the animals (and the tree) are written all around the border of the painting, providing the viewer with the opportunity to play a game of name-identification.


We are very proud of our work. It is beauty and learning all rolled into one experience!