Are you looking for a Montessori school in Oakland, in San Francisco's east bay, for your child in the 2 year old through preschool age range? If you are looking for a multicultural environment for your child and want him or her to be in a beautiful, clean school with a strong music, art and language immersion program, you'll want to schedule a tour of The Renaissance International School. We are located in Oakland's Dimond District.


Tours of the Renaissance International School are currently being booked in October for parents of children age 2 years old through middle school. Sign up online for tours. Our tours begin at 9:30 a.m., and end at Noon.  We ask that parents come without children, because of the length and depth of the tour.

Our tour agenda includes a brief video to provide an oveview of the Montessori philosophy, an in-depth discussion of The Renaissance International School with either Head of School, Leslie Hites, or Assistant Head of School, Rosasrio Toward. Tours end with a tour of our campus, classrooms and outdoor areas.

We hope that you will visit The Renaissance International School and experience our warm, supportive community of students, teachers and parents.