Our 10th Annual Art Show, "A Celebration of Children's Creativity," has just opened at 54 Washington Street in Oakland's Jack London Square area and will run through June 23rd. This is a wonderful opportunity to understand how to talk with children about art and specifically how to talk to them about their art work. It also provides an insight into the art experience of the child:

For very young children, the process of creating art can be more important than the actual piece of art. Looking at children's art work helps you to appreciate their fine motor skills. Talk to them about their choice of colors, and how they handled the media--the types of brush strokes they make, pencil lines, clay shapes, etc.

Children in the primary years strongly identify with their art work and are proud of it. They are able to recall the process and enjoy sharing their thoughts and feelings with parents and friends. This age group uses a variety of art materials and art techniques.

Elementary students at The Renaissance International School receive formal art lessons as part of the curriculum. They also learn about art history including artists and their styles. At this age, they use their art skills as tools for self-expression and often develop their own creative concepts and ideas. They may integrate personal feelings or messages into their art. 

When talking with children of all ages about their artwork, ask them open-ended questions such as why specific colors were chosen and about the lines and shapes they've used.

Remember to show children respect and appreciation for their hard work, imagination and unique personality.

We hope to see you at The Renaissance International School's art show. Details can be found at: http://artshow.therenaissanceschool.org/