We are often asked about the success stories of our older students and we have some very recent accomplishments that showcase how our students are continually able to go beyond the expected. The story of  recently-graduated 8th grader, Sydney, illustrates the exceptional level of achievement that our students can attain.

Sydney applied to the freshman class at Bishop O'Dowd high school and was accepted into the Honors program. In addition, she is the recipient of Bishop O'Dowd's Presidential Merit Scholarship. Bishop O'Dowd received over 600 applicants, 147 were accepted and of the 147, Sydney is the one and only recipient of the prestigious merit scholarship.

Sydney is scheduled to take all honors classes and is eligible to test for Honors Algebra II Trigonometry at the Freshman level. This is a class that is usually taken in the Sophmore or Junior year in HS. She is also eligible for special placement in French because of her strong linguistic background. She scored in the very high 90’s in the entrance examination for O’Dowd.

In addition, we have four sixth-year students who are entering 7th grade at the following schools: Bentley; Head Royce; Oakland School for the Arts; and Redwood Day. These were their first choice schools.

Congratulations to these Renaissance International School students for their hard work and acceptances to the schools of their choice. We wish them continued success and are certain that they will continue to go beyond the expected.