Our nearly 5-year-old daughter entered the pre-primary program at TRS when she was 2.5 and she has thrived at this school. We soon will be sending our younger daughter as well. TRS is an extraordinary school, and we feel extremely fortunate to have found it. The school's philosophy is Montessori, and it offers very rich arts, music and language programs that are tightly integrated into everything the children do. As importantly for us, however, has been school's culture and deep respect the teachers and administrators show for all children. This is a place where the teachers and administrators really do value who the children are, their innate capabilities and their potential. The program fosters internal motivation - rather than motivation through external rewards - a strong sense of community, respect, independence and imagination. The parent community is very strong as well. We really do feel like the school is a ''partner'' with us and is concerned about all aspects of our child's development. I would be happy to answer questions or give you more specifics offline. Susan