Both of my kids are now in preschool at the Renaissance School and we have been extremely happy with the school. The staff and teachers are fantastic and are very devoted to the well-being of each child and take each child's development very seriously. My daughter is very shy and the teachers have gone out of their way to help her feel comfortable and develop her social skills. My son just started in their two-year-old program. Both kids love school. We are not a very strict family and the kids seem to welcome the structure at the school. That said, the philosophy of Montessori teaching is about letting the child take the lead in what they want to do and the Renaissance school takes that seriously. So while they provide a lot of structure, within that the children have a great deal of independence to pursue what they want. I can't speak to the issue of elementary school placements. If you have any questions,please feel free to email me. Overall, the school has really exceeded our expectations. roxanne