January 2004

The Renaissance School, a Montessori school in Oakland, does have a good language program. However, it's not a total immersion experience. There are three ''primary'' classrooms (ages 3- 6) with two English-speaking teachers and one Spanish or French teacher per class. The kids receive instruction in both English and the other language throughout the day. (The pre-primary program for 2-year-olds does not have a language component that I'm aware of.)

In the short time we've been at the school (we started in Sept) I've been amazed by how much Spanish my 3- year-old has picked up (she sings in Spanish and understands quite a bit). Even my 5-year-old, who's not particularly verbal, can understand some basic Spanish now. There are many families from Spanish- and French-speaking countries at the school -- it's a very international student body. Hope this helps! Happy at TRS