First year second progression


More lines of text and then xom more

They start with Chior then begin the first study period

then they take a silent journey and then they have a snack 

more lessons then sddiscussion then lunch.

max number of articles:
    set a limiting value for the number of articles to publish in rokstories, this is most prominent when using default mode as each article displays a thumbnail.

item ordering:
    set the order of the module content. for example, if you set to oldest first then the oldest content item will be loaded in tab 1. there are a variety of options to chose from.

allowed html tags:
    the module automatically strips out all html tags and leaves just the content and the first image. this is to prevent the module from being distorted by incompatible html code. however, this option allows you to specify specific html tabs that will not be stripped, ideal if you still wish to add some diversity to your content. simply insert the text of the tag, minus the elements, separated by commas such as a,i,br which will not strip all links, all italic text and line breaks.

content position:
    either left or right for the position of the text, the images will be placed on the opposite side. also, there is an option for none if you wish to use rokstories as a slideshow, best with the showcase layout type enabled.

show title:
    show or hide the title being displayed from the content item.

show date:
    control whether the creation date of the content item appears in rokstories.

show article:
    set to hide if you wish to display just the image and no text.

show link:
    select whether to show the read more button or to hide it.

width of thumbnail (px):
    set, in pixels, the width of the thumbnails, only applicable to the default layout type.

width of thumbnail display (px):
    set, in pixels, the width of the large image, only applicable to the default layout type.
    this setting will also distinguish the available widths for all thumbnail images combined incl. the padding between them.

    this option allows you to select articles from a particular author.

first article:
    control which content item appears first in rokstories, set the number of the article (its order number from the article manager).

thumb opacity:
    set the opacity of thumbnails, between 0 and 1. only applicable to the default layout type.

navigation interaction:
    choose between click or mouseover as the trigger to transition the content items.

    enable this option for rokstories to automatically rotate through its articles.

autoplay delay (ms):
    set the number of milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second) for each article to appear before it rotates to the next article.

5.5. additional showcase layout type content parameters

show label title:
    show or hide the caption on top of the main image display.

show previews on arrows:
    select whether to show preview of the next image when hovering over the arrows.

show arrows
    if set to yes, the navigation arrows will be shown. if you want to hide the arrows choose no.

fixed previews:
    choose whether to have the previews in a fixed position or not.

linked labels:
    control whether the label / captions link to the full content item.

linked images
    select whether you want to images to link to the full content item.